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June 2nd 2018 — Closed Fun Show

Chairperson — Alex Sego

Committee — Cavan family, Adamski family



June 9th 2018 — Haren Trail Ride

Chairperson — Kelsey Haren



June 9th 2018 10:00 am — Jewell Jubilee

Chairperson — Tom De La Riva

Parade and games show



June 23rd 2018 5:00 pm — Closed Fun Show

Chairperson — Tom De La Riva

Committee — Clark Vold family and Billy Walker family



July 4th 2018 10:00 am — Annual Fourth of July show

Committee — Board and Jerry Sharer



July 14th 2018 5:00 pm — Youth Show

Chairperson — Doug Carlson

Committee — Rick Wilke family and Godfredson family



July 15th 2018 9:00 am — NBHA Barrel Show

Chairperson — Earl Vold

Committee — Alex Sego family, Jen Arnold family and Tom De La Riva



August 4th 2018 — Brushy Creek Trail Ride

Chairperson — Kelsey Haren



August 25th 2018 5:00 pm — Closed Fun Show

Chairperson — Kelsey Haren

Committee — Ostrem family, Teague family



September 8th 2018 — Haren Trail Ride

Chairperson — Kelsey Haren



September 15th 2018 10:00 am - September 16th 2018 — Mounted Cowboy Action Shooting

Chairperson — Board

Committee — Board



September 22nd 2018 5:00 pm — Closed Fun Show

Chairperson — Amanda Paulson

Committee — Troy Johnson family, Doug Carlson family



October 6th 2018 — Brushy Creek Trail Ride

Chairperson — Kelsey Haren







Our insurance regulations require that:

1.  No one under 16 may use the arena or grounds without adult supervision.

2.  Members only may use the arena and grounds.

3.  No stallions to be ridden by anyone under 21 years-of-age.

4.  Please put away all equipment after use.

5.  The use of riding helmets is encouraged.


City Park Regulations require that:

NO horses may be ridden in Kendall Young Park.




  1. Committee is responsible for staffing office, cook stand and arena.
  2. Secure a volunteer judge, ring persons, announcer, gate person, office help & cook stand helpers.
  3. Classes for Show – try to keep show to 16 classes with a mixture of pleasure & timed events.  Limit halter/showmanship and horsemanship classes to the one youth show due to time constraints. 
  4. Type up Show Class Schedule and run copies for show. Entry fee is $3.00 a person all night or $9.00 for family all night.
  5. Check arena before show –mow and trim as necessary.  Check with Bruce Coleman about working up arena.
  6. Cook stand – Board of Directors will keep cook stand stocked with pop and other necessities.  Menu includes Walking Tacos, loose meat sandwiches and hot dogs.  Committee should bring 5 pounds of cooked beef to serve.  Committee should also bring homemade bars or cookies.  Call Tom De La Riva with questions.
  7. At the close of the show, put entries and placing sheets  in the file box in entry office for Secretary to post points.
  8. CANCELLATIONS – If bad weather forces cancellation of the show, call one of the Board of Directors to confirm and then call KQWC to list the cancellation.


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